• VitaRealm® Whitening Collagen (8 Bottles)
VitaRealm® Whitening Collagen (8 Bottles)
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VitaRealm® Whitening Collagen Drink is formulated using ingredients with 10 patents from 6 countries for maximum efficacy. These ingredients work in synergy to help reduce the production of dark pigments, promotes collagen synthesis and boost skin's hydration. It also contains 5,000mg of collagen peptides to nourish and improve skin's elasticity for a lifting effect. Achieve fairer, firmer and suppler skin in 14 days!

GMP Certified Product 
Food Safety Certified 


Singapore's 1st Whitening Collagen
See Results in 14 Days!!
✓Whitens skin
✓Brightens skin
✓Tightens skin
✓Hydrates skin
✓Nourishes skin
✓Reduce wrinkles & fine lines

Collagen Peptide, Green Caviar® Sea Grapes, Vitamin C, W Beauty® Wasabi Leaf Extract, Gluthathione, PhytoflORAL®, Olive Extract, Citric Acid, Sucralose, Stevia, Apple Juice, Grape Flavor, Water


Take 1 bottle daily.

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