VitaRealm® Omega-3 Wild Fish Oil


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VitaRealm® Omega-3 Wild Fish Oil contains 100% pure concentrated fish oil providing a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA which play an essential role in maintaining healthy heart, brain, eye, joints and immune system. It is also beneficial for healthy blood pressure and blood cholesterol. Mini size softgel enables you to swallow easily and enjoy a stress-free healthy lifestyle.


Supports brain development 

Supports visual development

Supports cardiovascular system 

Promotes Joint health

Supports immune system 

Promotes healthy cholesterol levels


Omega-3 Fish Oil

(Containing Omega-3 Marina Triglycerides)

Direction of Use:

Adult: Take 2 softgels, 2 times daily after meals.
Children 6-12 years old: Take 1 softgel, 2 times daily after meals (pierce and squeeze into milk, juice or food).


Made in UK

Q & A

Are there any side effects for long term consumption?

No known side effect has been observed. All the ingredients in Omega-3 Wild Fish Oil are tested and approved to ensure safety, purity and efficacy. It is therefore safe for long term consumption.

Can I take Omega-3 Wild Fish Oil with my prescribed medicine?

Omega-3 Wild Fish Oil is a supplement formulated to supply important nutrients that are not always easy to obtain in sufficient amounts from diet. However, we recommend you to consult your health care practitioner concerning drug interactions if you are taking any medication.